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The Catalyst, how the idea of OrphanDAO was born.

The land, Akanda Gabon.

The total land is 2.5 acres out of which 1.5 have been paid by the local community already. There is 1 acre left to settle which we will purchase through OrphanDAO. Our community securing this will ensure it is being used for the purpose of an orphanage and not anything else. 

Akanda sits on the “Côte D’Azur” of Gabon. Government and rich promoters have been trying to buy the land to build hotels but the community fought against all currents to ensure this would be used for the benefit of abused women and orphans.

Below a video of the land in 2020 completely enclosed, with the watchman cabin.

Property rights in Africa. 

After securing the land and signing a contract, their battle didn't stop here. It so often happens that property owners sell their lands twice in Africa which is what will happen in this case. 

It also happens that your neighbour takes over your land, which happened here. The community had to invest in building a fence to prevent an ill-intentioned neighbour to build on this land. People supporting them also contributed by donating bricks and cement to finish the fencing. 

Watch below footage of the neighbour's fence trying to eat on the centre's property.

Securing the land.

After we constitute the DAO, Kate will travel to Gabon the second week of February to secure the land on behalf of the DAO and issue a smart contract. We estimate this phase cost to be around 100K USD. We will then build a full time DAO team, a local team and start planning the construction and move ahead with the project. We commit to providing the DAO with real-time updates, content, videos, live-streams. 

Join our community and be part of this exciting adventure to give orphans in Gabon a home.


We will look at starting a similar project in Bangui, CAR depending on the investments of our community. 

When Kate got a call from this women and orphans association she had been supporting for a while, she knew she had to help. She had always struggled with giving to charities because she had seen first hand the effects of malpractice and money not going to the communities but she knew this one was different.

So, after a day brainstorming options, she decided to put the community to work. After all, if the community got together to purchase a copy of the US Constitution, then why not to build orphanages together? OrphanDAO was suddenly born. 

Our first projects will be in Akanda, Gabon and Bangui, Central African Republic. 

Read the backstory below. 

Our First Project in Akanda, Gabon

Children rights in Gabon as pertaining to healthcare, education, labor are constantly being violated. In unmonitored structures, they are often the prey of abuse and violence. The Gabonese government is not investing in these children who often end up in the streets. Building a structure led by a family therapist where women and widows can rebuild physically and mentally and children can shelter, grow and have access to quality education, are the fundamentals of this project. 

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